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Minato Namikaze


Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze was known as Konoha's Yellow Flash of the Leaf). Konoha’s Yellow Flash was his name. He also went by Konoha’s Kiiroi SSenko and English television: Yellow Flash of the Leaf. He was killed during the Demon Fox Attack. His life was sacrificed to Seal part of the Nin-Tails in his son Naruto.

Early Life

Minato was in the same class with Kushina when she moved to Konoha. Minato found her hair to be beautiful and was instantly drawn to it. Minato is a natural ninja prodigy, someone of his caliber only appears once every generation. Jiraiya, the Jiraiya who led the Genin took an interest in Minato, and he took him as his apprentice. Jiraiya taught him his signature skills. Jiraiya was convinced that Minato, with his exceptional abilities, might one day be the child of the prophecy.

Kushina, who was captured by Kumogakure, years later after the two had graduated as ninjas, was taken away. Konoha sent its ninjas to rescue her. However, only Minato was able to notice the red strands Kushina had left to indicate their route. Minato, alone, saved her from the captors. Minato, on their return to Konoha confessed to Kushina his admiration of her hair, her courage, and her beauty. Kushina, who previously thought Minato unreliable and "girly", fell in love with Minato.

Konoha Yellow Flash

Minato was in love with Kushina from the moment he saved her. Kushina, through his love, managed to seal the Nine-Tails within her. The couple eventually got married. Minato, inspired by a Tailed Beast Ball began his three-year journey to create the Rasengan – the pinnacle of Shape Transformation. The rest of his days would be spent trying to merge it with his nature.

Minato, after proving to be a responsible and accomplished ninja was given the responsibility of leading his team. This included Obito Uchiha and Kakashi hatake. the Third Hokage assigned Minato to help Kakashi get over the bitterness he felt after the death of his father and reminded him about the human side of being a Ninja. Minato tested his new team with bells to show them how important teamwork is. Minato held back more against Kakashi, the prodigious one, than he did with Rin and Obito. This was to ensure that they could not obtain the bells if there wasn't teamwork. Kakashi was aware of this but used Rin and Obito as an intermediary to get the bells. He passed the test because the teamwork they showed was what allowed them to achieve the objective. Kakashi, however, did not take his message to heart. He encouraged them to work together better.

Fourth Hokage

Minato, for his outstanding performance in the War was selected over Orochimaru as Fourth Hokage. The Hokage guard platoon was taught how to use the Flying Thunder God technique to help them better serve the Hokage. He also helped Kakashi (now an Anbu) come out of the dark place he had fallen after Obito's and Rin's death. The Third Hokage advised Minato that he should restore Kakashi’s respect for life, by tasked him to protect Kushina while she was pregnant.

The strain on the seal that keeps the Nine-Tails in Kushina would be weakened by childbirth. To protect the Nine-Tails, special measures were taken. The child was to be secretly delivered outside the village in an area with several Anbu guards and barriers. Minato wasn't worried at all about the birth and actually gave Kakashi a day off as a thank you for his hard work. They had named their child "Naruto" after Jiraiya, the protagonist of his first novel. The hope was that the Naruto they would have be as determined and dedicated as Jiraiya (and the author) himself. Jiraiya wanted to change their minds because it would have made him Naruto’s godfather. But they were insistent that the name was good.

Naruto was conceived on October 10, 2010. Minato was only a few moments away from restoring the Nine-Tails seal when he encountered Tobi. Tobi took Naruto as hostage and killed Anbu guards, midwives, and the Anbu midwives. He threatened to kill Naruto if Minato did not back off from Kushina. Minato took Naruto from Tobi, but discovered explosive tag was planted on Naruto. Minato had to leave Naruto to protect him, which allowed Tobi and Kushina to escape. Tobi had extracted the Nine-Tails from Kushina's body and found a place to keep Naruto safe. Minato teleported Naruto to Kushina just in time. Before heading to the village, he reunited his mother with her son.


Minato is a humble, collected person despite his physical similarity to Naruto. He was known to be very perceptive, and not do anything without reason. Even though he was aware of his fearsome reputation in other villages, he took advantage of this at times. He would still be respectful of opponents. Minato was also not one to hold grudges and would only feel sorry for Obito, despite the fact that he was responsible for his and Kushina’s death. Minato is the one who blames his own death. He couldn't protect Obito against the fate of corruption, Konoha, from difficulties that occurred after his departure, or even Naruto, from his difficult and painful life as a Jinchuriki Orphan.

Naruto shares many of the same traits as his father: they both possess a fierce spirit and a strong will to succeed that drives them in all their decisions. They both have a fierce loyalty towards Konoha, their friends, and families. This devotion is inspiring to all who are around them. Minato was also prone to creating questionable techniques. However, Minato came up with more complicated names than actual techniques. Minato did this when he called the " Release: Halo Hurricane Jet Black Arrow style Zero", but later admitted that it sounded bad.


Minato is often compared to Naruto, both having blue eyes and blonde hair with spiky ends. Minato had bangs that were about the length of his jaw framing each side of his facial features. Jiraiya thought Minato to be handsome. He wore a Konoha standard uniform, with bands at the sleeves. A green flak-jacket was worn over it, as well as a blue head protector and blue sandals. He began wearing the white, long, short-sleeved haori, which was closed at the front with a thin orange rope, over his regular attire after becoming Hokage. The edges of the haori were decorated with red flames, and the kanji "Fourth Hokage", (Si Dai Mu Huo Ying, Yondaime Hokage), was written down the back.

He wore simple, white clothing in the Academy with green trims and a cape. He wore black pants and sandals, along with a tracksuit that had three stripes down the sleeves.


In the anime, he was able to wipe out an army of 1,000 a href="https://naruto.fandom.com/wiki/Iwagakure" title="Iwagakure">Iwagakure/a> shinobi -- a feat that forced a peace treaty with Onoki. He was the only shinobi in anime to be able to wipe out a thousand Iwagakure Shinobi. This feat forced Onoki into accepting a peace agreement. Minato was the only one who could defeat Tobi and save Konoha from being destroyed during the Nine-Tails attack. Anko believed that Minato could stop the Sannin a decade after the Orochimaru threat. Minato’s style of fighting was based on his ability to appear suddenly and then take down opponents just as fast, excluding the traditional methods like hand seals.


Jiraiya taught Minato how to call toads. He was also one of few who earned the full respect of Gamabunta. He was an expert in barrier Ninjutsu. Minato is also a skilled Sensor. He can detect chakra signatures at great distances. For smaller targets, Minato could place his finger directly on the floor. Minato could also use the Shadow Clone Technique to gain strength through numbers or deception. Minato also possessed the ability to transform into Fire, Lightning and Wind. He was proficient with Yin Yang Release.

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