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One Piece Theory: What Is Imu's Devil Fruit?

Chapter 1085 of One Piece has all but confirmed the Devil Fruit power of the King of the World, although its exact nature remains a mystery.

In Chapter 1085, "The Death of Nefertari-Cobra "," the death of Nefertari-Cobra ", there were a lot of revelations about Imu. One of the most important revelations was that the King of the World had Devil Fruit powers. They have a Zoan-like transformation.

Imu's exact transformation is still unknown. It has been revealed as a silhouette so far and only done a couple of things to hint at what it could be. It may have eaten Sabo's attack on fire and killed Nefertari Cobra but that is all. What little is known about this form, however, has provided plenty of room for speculation.

What Does Chapter 1085 Imply Imu's Devil Fruit Is?

One common theory is that Imu’s Devil Fruit transforms them into a literal Devil. This creature may be the one responsible for bringing these fruits into existence and could have dominion over them. Imu's Devil Fruit would be the mother of all Devil Fruits.

The Chapter 1085 presentation of Imu’s powers lends credence to the devil theory. The form of the devils is not shown clearly but they appear humanoid and have jagged teeth. These features are often associated with devils.

The attack that killed Cobra must also be accounted for. Alabasta's ruler was killed by something that looked like an arrow and could be directed along its path. This could be the tail of Imu’s devil form. Imu's Devil Fruit appears to be resistant to fire. This was demonstrated when Imu assumed the form in order to consume Sabo's Rook Check. A devil would be used to Hell's fires and should have no trouble with flames.

Other relevant creatures, if not a devil, could represent the King. Imu has been interpreted as an umibozu by some who have taken it literally. The colossal Japanese yokai appears as humanoid shapes on the open water and sinking ships. This Zoan transformation is superior to others because it allows the user to freely move through the water. This could be linked to the silhouettes of the Florian Triangle, which also resemble umibozu. This theory is difficult to support, as it implies that Imu's shape was revealed, but there is no big reveal.

Another theory states that Imu's Devil Fruit turns them into Typhon. The Greeks called this creature the "father of monsters" and the "deadliest of all beings". This would complete Imu's dynamic with the Five Elders who have all taken on Zoan-like transformations.

This transformation proves Imu's fighting skills, just as the Five Elders do. Luffy and friends will probably face this monster at the end or very near the end of the series in a final battle. Imu's transformation and the mysterious abilities shown in chapter 1085 should be revealed by then.

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