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One Piece Confirms One of the Biggest Theory About The Final Treasure

 One Piece Confirms One of the Biggest Theory About The Final Treasure

One Piece's Egghead episode was the first chapter of the saga's epic conclusion series and Eiichiro Oda, who is the brilliant creator of the story is in a flurry of discoveries, including a major hint at the origins of the famous final prize known as known as the One Piece. Every chapter the readers will be presented with a plethora of revelations that shed new the mystery of major events that have intrigued the fans for a long time.

However, in all the new discoveries, the biggest mystery is what exactly the One Piece could be, the mythical treasure that's driven people as well as readers in a thrilling search. Oda keep the readers in suspense, revealing clues and hints, however the real nature of this treasure remains the most intriguing puzzle of all. In spite of Eiichiro Oda's constant attempts to keep the actual character of the One Piece shrouded in secrecy over the past two decades the fans have been able to create their own theories about the mystery of the last prize.

The most well-known theories about One Piece may hold the answer to the demise of the Red Line, a monumental incident that may alter the universe that is One Piece. The chapter #1113 entitled "Stalemate," a tantalizing hint is revealed from an assertion by the Dr. Vegapunk, delivered via the recording of a video. The clue suggests One Piece could indeed be tied to the dismantling of the Red Line and uniting the globe in "One Piece".

Dr. Vegapunk's Statement Supports a Famous Theory About the Nature of the One Piece

One Piece Chapter #1113 continues to build excitement, providing fascinating insights about the universe that is One Piece through Dr. Vegapunk's recorded messages from the past. In the midst of bringing the series towards its conclusion the Dr. the Vegapunk reveals a devastating information that shows the planet will sink. It is a surprise, but this revelation affirms the long-held notion of there is a red line that Red Line, too, will come to an conclusion, eventually turning the entire world to "One Piece."

The well-known theory suggests that the removal of the Red Line will catalyze peace among the nations around the globe, bringing in opposition to that of the World Government. Although the Dr. Vegapunk's statements might not specifically mention that the Red Line will be destroyed however, one can infer that it's going to be the ultimate barrier to be destroyed. The Red Line's significance is in the division of the globe into four distinct oceans and its destruction is crucial to the reunification of the globe within "One Piece".

What Will Happen After the World of One Piece is Sunk Into the Ocean?

Dr. Vegapunk's declaration concerning the imminent collapse of the entire world In The One Piece is an alarm to get ready for this massive event. Due to his position as a brilliant inventor, with an unpopular reputation in his work, which has caused terror and destruction across various locations, his warnings carry an immense weight. The world's population is likely to take note of his words and consider his words seriously. Based on the timeline before the earth sinks in the next few years, people and communities will surely come together to seek ways to avoid this imminent disaster.

Humanity's response to the imminent sinking of the planet to the bottom of One Piece may be to establish new colonies like the ones that were seen in the Skypiea arch. Or, the creation of many islands that resemble Fishman Island could provide a base for a new planet when the inevitable sinking takes place. If this happens the Straw Hats will have a significant role to play due to their past of battling against the World Government and their potential finding of The One Piece, which may be the key for bringing humanity together via the demise of the Red Line.

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