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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Could Reintroduce One Of The Movies' Biggest Villains

 Boruto: Two Blue Vortex Could Reintroduce One Of The Movies' Biggest Villains

One of the antagonists in Naruto's most memorable film could be returning to the screen in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex There are signs pointing towards this thrilling possibility. Although it's still too early to say that the person will make his return, it's highly likely scenario considering the circumstances.

The film was released in December of 2014. The Naruto the Movie: The Last Naruto the Film is among the most memorable films of the series since it was not only able to treat viewers to a romantic love affair that was between Naruto and Hinata as well as delivering one of the biggest battles to date.

But, the antagonist-turned-alliance, Toneri Otsutsuki, could play a major role in the story in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex as well. And considering the fact that the film is canonically connected to the series the theory becomes far more probable. He was previously seen in Boruto Naruto: The Next Generations which is why it's not out of the possibility that he'll appear in the sequel.

Toneri Is The Key To Mastering The Jougan

After getting defeated by Naruto at the moon and knowing the full extent of Hamura's plans being revealed the world through Hinata, Toneri decides to remain on the moon to guard the earth and safeguard it like his ancestor's wishes. The role of the protector of Earth was demonstrated by the time he encountered Boruto in a dream. In the wake of his encounter, he forcedly activated his Jougan and told him his mission was to save the planet by becoming the shining light in an era of darkness. However, Toneri was ambushed by Urashiki and secluded for 10000 years.

Then there's Boruto 2 Blue Vortex's new villains taking on Boruto and there is no other person who could compete with them, Boruto will need a new weapon and the Jougan appears to be the only viable option. The only person that knows about the mysterious dojutsu is Toneri and it is only Toneri can assist him in mastering the art. As the symbol of hope in the face of the imminent threat of destruction, Boruto's vision capabilities will surely be a major factor in the battle in the fight against Jura as well as Kawaki.

Boruto And Toneri Could Meet

Toneri was sealed within Toneri was sealed in the Palace Of The Dragon King The fact that it was either a dimension or jutsu is not known. If it's a jutsu that is not a dimension, then it can be removed because Urashiki has died, and Boruto could travel to it in the event that it's the case. Both scenarios suggest that there's a chance of Boruto and Toneri might meet, and the secrets of the Jougan are finally revealed through Boruto The Two Blue Vortex.

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