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Demon Slayer's Manga Ending Confirmed a Controversial Nezuko Ship

 Demon Slayer's Manga Ending Confirmed a Controversial Nezuko Ship

The Demon Slayer manga ended in May of 2020, after having run for the span of four years. Mangaka from the series, Koyoharu Gotouge, gave the popular series a satisfying conclusion despite the supernatural shonen's being a bit thin, in addition to confirmation of a number of ships, which were discussed by the passionate readers of the series. One of the confirmed ships, which many fans might have predicted can be described as Zenitsu as well as Nezuko. Through the course of the show, Nezuko and Zenitsu had an awkward, sometimes tumultuous and sometimes asymmetrical interactions but at the end of the day, they did end together in a connection.

The pairing won't be a shock for anyone reading this series. Demon Slayermanga, however, the viewers of only anime might be awed by the relationship that canonically exists between the two people at a later point in the show. Nezuko and Zenitsu definitely had rough start. Zenitsu intimidating and threatening her straight away by his ambitious and desperate character.

Zenitsu became awestruckly in the love of Nezuko immediately the pair met and it's not surprising considering his views on females and relationships during the entire series.

Zenitsu & Nezuko's Relationship Blossomed Over Time

In the beginning, Zenitsu was introduced as the character with the most urgent desire for an heir, considering every woman that he encountered as a possibility. In a way, he was incredibly desperate. Zenitsu was determined to pursue anyone who could be a good candidate to marry him however, he came up or no luck in his love affairs. The moment he first came across Tanjiro and fell in love with his younger sister at the expense of Tanjiro's. Zenitsu and Nezuko's first relationship was mostly played out to entertain, including scenes that included Zenitsu running after Nezuko through the house while Nezuko ran the opposite direction. Tanjiro playing the older brother protective role.

In an amusing scene in The Butterfly Mansion, Nezuko even did not remember Zenitsu's last name, calling him "Inosuke", causing him tears and pain. Up until the final scene in Demon Slayer,there aren't any real romantic chemistry or love between the two as it's mostly a comedy gimmick that depicts Zenitsu's unrequited love. While the ship was seen as unattainable and was not likely to be a to be a canon movie, the pair started to develop a stronger bond later in the series, in the course of time, as Zenitsu developed and matured into a calmer, more mature and non-aggressive person, who was no longer apprehensive of Nezuko by loud displays of screaming and desperate moves.

Zenitsu Became Noticeably Calmer And More Mature Later In Demon Slayer

A factor in Nezuko and Zenitsu becoming a legally married couple was Zenitsu's development in his personal life. He became more calm, more in control of his past erratic emotions and, overall, happier to spend time with and likely led to the attraction of Nezuko towards his. In addition, his behavior towards her became more polite and less self-serving as He genuinely tried to defend her from enemies and kept her safe when the entire group was engaged in numerous dangerous fights between demons. In the initial episodes of the story, he was able to meet any woman he wanted and did not seem to care in the slightest when it came to choosing his potential bride.

It was later obvious that his eyes are only at Nezuko. His initial love for her could be due to more superficial factors like looks however, as he came acquainted with her and got to know her better, he fell more in the love. For his part, Nezuko reciprocates these feelings and the final chapter of the manga shows the couple enjoying their happily-married bliss. They even have kids together. Incredibly, two couples are also made canon: Kanao as well as Tanjiro as well as Aoi as well as Inosuke. The three members of the principal Demon Slayergang married when the story's end is over, giving them a an ending that is happy after many long years of battle.

Zenitsu X Nezuko Is A Controversial Ship, Leaving Fans Split Down The Middle

A few manga fans were delighted to find out that their beloved ship had been officially confirmed and some couldn't be more disappointed by the announcement. It is true that the Demon Slayer ship is a hot topic because of some fans being unhappy over Zenitsu's endless requests and his egocentric attitude towards Nezuko at the beginningin the story even though she wasn't outwardly keen on him or responding favorably to his flirtations. The issue is valid which is why some fans don't like the vessel, however when the manga matured, Zenitsu was more considerate and mature. Nezuko began to develop real feelings with her.

Later on, Nezuko also expresses clear desire for Zenitsu which suggests she is in the same boat that Zenitsu. While Zenitsu was pursuing Nezuko with a lot of intensity in her early days, her love for her is genuine when they reach adulthood together and begin to build an extended family and lives in a relationship. There is no doubt that the relationship remains controversial and each person can form an opinion on the relationship, however Gotouge did a great job of creating a real and close relationship between them instead of relying on uninvolved interactions as they were that began in Demon Slayer.

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