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How Naruto & Sasuke Died, and Why Their Resurrection Was So Controversial

 How Naruto & Sasuke Died, and Why Their Resurrection Was So Controversial

Naruto and Sasuke ultimately became the most powerful Ninjas of all time however, they both died by the Naruto franchise's most powerful Shinobi. As with many shonen franchises that have been running for a long time the author Masashi Kishimoto faced the typical issue of making his final villain too powerful to defeat. In a series that is known for its intricate and terrifying characters, one character stood out all others because it was the only one to be responsible for taking down Naruto and Sasuke with a minimum effort.

Naruto: The Naruto Naruto's story was filled with several amazing arcs which continue to build on each other, while becoming more fierce. After the attack of Pain on Konoha it was difficult to imagine a foe that could be more formidable than the leader of Akatsuki. But, the introduction of Uchiha Madara didn't just do provide one of the greatest villain's entrances and displays of the power of anime.

A single of the most memorable Episodes from Naruto Shippuden included a complete unveiling of the legend Uchiha Madara. He was revived using the Reanimation Ninjutsu technique, which gave his awe-inspiring chakra, and an invincible body. Episode 322 showed the ultimate villain who decimated an entire army to have amusement and only became more terrifying when he got serious.

The Fourth Great Ninja War Was Hell, And It Only Got Worse

The Fourth Great Ninja War was an arc with many emotional reunions as well as surprising twists. Madara's plot was becoming more evident as the situation grew more perilous and dire for members of the United Shinobi Alliance. By using Uchiha Obito as his weapon, Madara was planning to revive himself completely, and when his strategy finally became a reality no one, not even Konoha's finest can stop Madara.

After Obito was struck by a fatal injury, Madara decided to get serious about achieving his dream of becoming a Shinobi god. To achieve that goal Madara required Obito to perform the Gedo Art of Sacrifice Rinne Rebirth method to bring Madara's body back to life. In the midst of the War the antagonists had only two warriors. It was all down to the elusive Zetsu along with Madara with just the one original Rinnegan eyes in the face of the Beasts with Tailed, Naruto, Sasuke, the Reanimated Hokages and the remaining remnants from Shinobi Alliance. Shinobi Alliance. And Madara had finished playing with his food.

How Naruto and Sasuke Died

To be a god-like Sage from the Six Paths and cast the infinite Tsukuyomi to the people of the world, Madara needed to absorb the chakra of the nine Tailed Beasts including the Nine-Tails within Naruto. After he received his body back Madara did exactly that. Jinchuriki which host an energy source that is tailed, died after being stripped of the energy. After being Kurama (aka The Nine-Tails) removed from his body, Naruto's heartbeat and pulse stopped and he technically died. In the hope of not losing his life forever, Sakura physically pumped his heart and sucked in air for him via CPR.

Naruto's demise was brought about through the energy of his friend being taken away from him, whereas Sasuke's death was caused by recklessly diving towards Madara and sustaining a devastating physical injury. As Naruto's most famous villain Naruto story"best villain" was humiliating the Second Hokage. Sasuke was snared in mid-air by a technique known as invisible limbo and then stabbed in the heart by using his sword.

Madara's limbo method was further explored in the story, however it basically creates an actual clone Madara which operates on another dimension of reality. With just the one Rinnegan Eye Madara was able to create a single duplicate however it was not enough to catch Sasuke off guard. After the attack, extremely skilled and adept sensor-sensitive Ninja Uzumaki Karin was unable to longer feel his chakra, which means that Madara's attack had killed Sasuke at the very least for a short time.

Many Tried, But Madara Could Not Be Stopped From Accomplishing His Goal

Madara's passion for battle contributed to the way he dragged things out during his time in the Fourth Shinobi War. However, after Madara was resurrected using his own blood and flesh and redeemed by the power of his spell of the Infinite Tsukuyomi was finally achieved despite all obstacles standing against his path. After defeating Naruto as well as Sasuke and recovering the chakra from each tail-tailed creature, Madara quickly summoned the Ten-Tails and took the jinchuriki to transform into its own. In the Six Paths Madara became a reality, becoming an shinobi god world.

As Kakashi, Obito, and Guy tried their best to stop Madara from acquiring an additional Rinnegan eye or becoming fully while others played an important role in helping bring Naruto as well as Sasuke back to their former glory. Kabuto helped to revive Sasuke while Obitio, as well as Sakura were capable of working on Naruto. The two parties did not know their strategies for healing each other would be the thing they required to unlock their own unique Sage from Naruto's Six Paths power-ups.

How Naruto and Sasuke Were Brought Back To Life

In the earlier battle of Naruto against Obito in the past, he came across his chakras as did the others Tailed Beasts that the Akatsuki group had earlier taken captive. He received strength from all of them, excluding the Eight and One Tails. But, he was able to recover after Obito recovered his consciousness and swore off Six Paths Madara. Through clever techniques, Obito extracted the Tailed-Beast chakras from Madara which Naruto was missing, and then transferred him, Naruto as well as Sakura to the Kamui dimension. In Kamui, Naruto was revived and was able to hold the power that each of the Tailed Beasts had and was able to unlock his own Sage of the 6 Paths form.

The Rinnegan's a tangled aspect to unlock that Madara was unaware of while he was an older man. The Sharingan's final and final step, Rinnegan is formed when Uchiha is formed after Uchiha and Senju chakras are joined. With the help of Itachi's genius genjutsu, Kabuto was turned into an alley. It was then capable of repair the wound of Sasuke through highly regenerative Senju cells. Utilizing the exact combination that combines Uchiha and Senju power and Sasuke's innate capacity to regulate chakras the man was reborn and able to re-awaken the inner Rinnegan eye.

Allies Helped More Than The Sage of the Six Paths

The story suggests that Hagomoro was the first Sage from the Six Paths, gifted Naruto and Sasuke his chakra to aid them in their efforts to fight Madara Their allies' efforts seemed to be enough to grant them the powers they required. However, despite the most incredible increase in their power and strength, Madara was still able to fulfill his mission and create the Infinite Tsukuyomi which threw the world's population in the throes of a life-force-stealing dream. The powerful villain successfully defeated Naruto along with Sasuke as well. He is seen to be one of the Naruto Series' most powerful villain, and required an unsatisfactory storyline to beat for the good of the series.

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