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Naruto: The Best Teachers, Ranked

 Naruto: The Best Teachers, Ranked

If you want to raise young generations of highly skilled Ninja warriors, it means that Naruto's world HTML1 Naruto should have excellent teachers. They don't all share the same teaching methods and some are more gentle than others, while some are brutal. But, thanks to those instructors, heroes such as Minato, Jiraiya, and Naruto his own self emerged. The teams the younger Ninjas make as teenagers shape their characters into those they'll become. Their teachers are crucial. In a world of ninjas with different beliefs, who is the one to train people with the highest quality?

While fans of the first Naruto Naruto series remain glued to the adventures of the following generation of Boruto The fascination with the original generation isn't going to end. Many of the top instructors of the series continue to continue to teach in the franchise and others have long gone and have paved the way for future teachers to come up.

In the same way that fans have conducted several re-watches of the show, we've looked at every single example of teachers the show's given us to give an extra five to this list. It's with the top of the best. From Naruto Uzumaki up to Hiruzen.

Naruto Uzumaki Made a Big Impact on One Pupil

Naruto was more of a student than a teacher during the first part of his life, but this doesn't mean that he didn't have a lot of potential as a teacher he might be. There was a person he taught some of his skills and was learning. Naruto did not hesitate to take his grandson, the Third Hokage's son Konohamaru Sarutobi who was under his care. Konohamaru was able to master a variety of intricate jutsu at an early age due to Naruto's influence. This included the Rasengan.

Unfortunately, the upcoming Seventh Hokage did not lead an entire team on his own because he was an genin at the time he was elevated to Hokage. But, Naruto's impact on Konohamaru and even his own son Boruto is a clear indication of Lord Seventh's ability as educator.

Ebisu is a Good Teacher Despite His Faults

The audience of anime wasn't able to witness a great deal of Ebisu's style of teaching since the majority of his work was in conjunction with Konohamaru on-screen. Ebisu did however briefly teach Naruto on a few techniques. Naruto was certainly a test for Ebisu's patience and, eventually, Ebisu stepped down from the position because he was aware that he wasn't the right person to the job.

Being a great teacher requires being aware that somebody else is there been there to assist the student on time. Ebisu is, in fact was picked by the Hokage for training Konohamaru in the early years of his boy. So he did not shy away from the task.

Nagato Taught The World (and Naruto) Pain

Nagato started his journey as a shinobi, under the guidance of Jiraiya However, as his many fans are aware, he was destined to become one of the most dangerous Ninjas. As leader in the Akatsuki, Akatsuki, Pain taught harsh lesson to numerous people, among them the terrifying people who were part of his terror group, Naruto, and even his own fans.

It's not easy to picture Pain as a student alongside his fellow rebel ninjas that humankind grows faster after suffering was an experience that inspired his classmates as well as Naruto to achieve new levels of power. But, once Nagato spoke to Naruto about his experiences, Naruto grew into a individual who could bring peace to the world.

Zabuza Turned an Abandoned Kid Into an Incredibly

While the narrative of the Naruto series continues to epic battles against earth-shaking enemies, the antagonist from the very first major episode wasn't a slouch. Zabuza represented a threat to the sixth Hokage to come. Kakashi however his role as a mentor of young Haku is arguably the most remarkable thing he accomplished.

Haku was transformed from an abandoned orphan who had an uncontrollable energy to becoming a top-quality Shinobi in less than a decade. Zabuza was instrumental in teaching young shinobi highly precise Taijutsu as well as a very efficient use of wind and water-natured chakras. His fight against Naruto and Sasuke showed the benefits of Zabuza's lessons, however Haku's part during The Fouth Shinobi War as a Reanimation that truly showed the terror they can be.

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