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One Piece's most hated story was actually destroyed by the Anime

 One Piece's most hated story was actually destroyed by the Anime

The One Piece has several popular story arcs, which rank some of the top shonen tales that are available. However, between casual and dedicated fanatics alike, one is more criticized over the others, it's the Long Ring Long Land. It follows the exciting Skypiea chapter in the manga as well as the popular filler arc G8 from the animated series, the story is characterized by an absence of thrilling fights or risks when the Straw Hats are competing against Captain Foxy and his appropriately known Foxy Pirates in the event that any of their members and their Jolly Roger become a target for poaching.

The majority of fans dislike it because the fights are turned into fairly simple contests that lasts more time than it ought to. In reality, more viewers are not happy because of what it changed the story which extended the three game series into six, and dragging out the action further and introducing bizarre decisions of Luffy who ultimately negate the whole purpose of the plot early during the Davy Back Fight that exclusively is a part of the show.

The Long Ring Long Land Suffers Significantly From One Piece Filler

The word "filler" is a frequently contested and snubbed one by people who love the anime genre in general which refers to companies that create new content in order to fill with duration. This allows the manga to stay ahead of the anime which prevents the animation from "catching up' at the end of an ongoing story. One Piece in particularly suffers from this issue frequently introducing whole stories that aren't on the Manga. The Long Ring Long Land took many deviations from the plot in the process of turning into a mix of an arc in manga as well as completely original material.

In the beginning, the storyline in the manga included three rounds of the Davy Back Fight. in the animated version it's six rounds. Additionally, Luffy makes a decision that is exclusive to the show when Chopper is snatched from the Foxy Pirates at the beginning of the round. He decides to help the horse Foxy took captive prior to his crew mate in the reindeer. It's a bad image for Luffy whom is said to be a true devoted member of his team. This is the very reason the arc was intended to portray within the Manga however it is not portrayed in the animation.

Luffy Will Do Anything for His Team (in the Manga)

Long Ring Long Land is an arc intended be a way to showcase the lengths Straw Hats put up for each other and culminates with a comical but thrilling boxing battle with Luffy as well as Foxy. The manga depicts Luffy isn't a second thought about taking Chopper back to his Straw Hats side, the horse never even considered a factor. Although saving Chopper isn't necessarily an appropriate choice for Luffy, prioritizing her over Chopper in the animated version is an enigmatic choice that renders Luffy's Straw Hat pirate look callous to his loved crew.

In the end, the filler in the anime played a major role in the sourness of the Long Ring Long Land legacy. It was intended to be an easy arc that would fill the gap in between Skypiea's epic Skypiea and the sharpness of Water 7 had turned into a bizarre horror that went on quite a long time. The total reshuffle that was the case with Long Ring Long Land likely is a positive factor with regard to its reception.

Chapter #1115 in One Piece The series will see an appearance by Foxy and his ear to Vegapunk's broadcast around the world. maybe Foxy, the Davy Back Fight enthusiast will see an appearance in line to the comic. The remake that was announced for the manga, merely called One Piece, The One Piece, The arc will probably continue to modify Long Ring Long Land as well. They could also take away its stigma as the arc with the lowest esteem that fans have ever seen. Let them understand why the arc is vital.

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