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One Piece: Why The Gomu Gomu no Mi Shows Both Paramecia And Zoan Powers

After decades of One Piece, the Gomu Gomu no Mi was revealed as being the Hito Hito no Mi (Model: Nika).

Gomu Gomu no Mi, a Devil Fruit with incredible power, belongs to Luffy the protagonist from One Piece. The Devil Fruit that fans see is the first in the story. Luffy ate it at the start of the Romance Dawn Arc and has been training its power ever since. The Devil Fruit is now so powerful because of Luffy, but the real power was only revealed recently.

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The fans discovered that the Gomu Gomu no Mi's real name is Hito Hito no Mi. Model: Nika. This Devil Fruit's awakening gave Luffy incredible powers, which are only matched by a few other powers from One Piece. This fruit has both Paramecia's and Zoan's powers.

True Form of the Gomu Gomu No Mi

The Wano Arc revealed the true nature and purpose of the Gomu Gomu no Mi. The World Government has been hunting this Devil Fruit for a long time because of its potential. The Five Elders claim that this Devil Fruit has been sought after by the World Government for over 800 years. This Devil Fruit has always eluded them. It's almost like it has its own will, which isn't a stretch considering all Zoan powers possess their own will. Vegapunk explained that Zoan powers could even overwhelm a user if he or she is not proficient enough. Luffy's Devil Fruit contains the power of Nika.

Twelve years ago this Devil Fruit had been procured and transported by the World Government on a vessel that was guarded at the time by the CP9. Shanks somehow learned about this and attacked, stealing the Devil Fruit. He then made his way towards Foosha Village where, ultimately, Luffy mistakenly thought that this fruit was dessert, and he ended up eating it, giving him the power of rubber forever. Luffy began his pirate journey after that and has shaken the world to its core. He finally awoke this Devil Fruit in Wano and unleashed its full power. This fruit was confirmed to be a Mythical Zoan-type fruit.

The Mystical Zoan Transformation

The Awakening of all Zoan Devil Fruits is different than the Paramecia Awakenings seen by fans in the story. Zoan Awakenings has a distinct transformation. Kaido mentioned this when he was fighting Luffy after Luffy awakened the Devil Fruit powers. Kaido thought that Luffy was a Paramecia Devil Fruit User, but his unique transformation aroused curiosity among the Yonko. He quickly came to the conclusion Luffy was not a Paramecia, but that his powers may go beyond that. Luffy's Gear 5 is a Mythical Zoan Awakening, as it is marked by an all-white transformation.

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The story also features other Zoan Awakenings. Rob Lucci also received a new transformation. Kaku's giraffe powers were taken to a whole new level by a unique transformation. Kaido's unique transformations could have been Awakenings. However, it has never been confirmed where and what these transformations came from. It was confirmed during Luffy and Kaido's battle that Zoan Awakenings were usually more powerful transformations.

The Paramecia Power

Luffy was a Mythical Zoan and had the ability to transform completely when he awoke. He also gained some unique powers he shouldn't have. Luffy gained the ability to transform and spread his abilities to those around him. The story has shown the fans awakening the Paramecia type. Each Paramecia Awakening can affect the environment with its power. Doflamingo, for example, was able to turn his environment into a string. Katakuri, on the other hand, was also able to turn his surroundings into a string. Kaido believes that spreading the Devil Fruit's ability to the immediate environment is a sign that Paramecia has awakened.

Luffy was also able to spread the rubber around him. Luffy's rooftop in Onigashima was transformed into a bouncing house for him to enjoy. What is even more bizarre, is that he even managed to transfer his power to other living creatures, which is unheard of. No one has yet shown that Awakening abilities can be transferred to living things like humans or animals. Doflamingo, for example, could not transfer string powers to humans. Katakuri couldn't turn anyone into mochi. However, Luffy is unable to transfer his powers to others, even though he is a Mythical Zoan.

The fruit displays both powers

Oda may not have revealed this secret, but fans can guess why. One Piece revolves around theorizing and fun. Luffy's powers could be attributed to both Paramecia and Mythical Zoan fruits for two reasons. Luffy's Devil Fruit is the first reason. It does not fall under the Mythical Zoan fruit category. Most Mythical Fruits have special powers which the user can use at times. Sengoku, for example, was able to create shockwaves, while Marco used the blue flames. Luffy gained the Mythical Zoan power of a rubber-body in his case.

The other Devil Fruits cannot say the same. This fruit's power is unique because it has a perpetual nature. It can also be compared to other Mythical Zoans. Luffy can get both the benefits of a transformation and the ability to transfer his power to others.

It still does not explain why Luffy is able to transfer his power to other beings. This is the second reason. It is very simple to understand how he can do this, and the truth has always been right in front of his fans. Luffy's power is only limited by his imagination. He can achieve anything he imagines. He's been seen to run in the air or create things from nothing. For example, he made goggles during his fight with Lucci. Lucy's ability to imagine turning another person into rubber is something he could certainly do. Luffy's Devil Fruit is the one that can turn his environment into rubber. It is the ability that is the most absurd and breaks all logic. This Devil Fruit is not the most powerful, but it's certainly the most ridiculous.

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