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Naruto's Controversial Final Villain Was Actually Good For The Franchise


Naruto's Controversial Final Villain Was Actually Good For The Franchise

The one thing Naruto did that Narutofranchise was able to do better than other shonen shows was the incredible character characters. They were complex, deep and well-written, making the series superior by challenging the protagonists not only in battle, but with their beliefs, like in the case of Naruto as well as Pain. The problem was that not all antagonists received a favorable reception.

The biggest complaint about Naruto Shippuden is the introduction of Kaguya as well as the sudden end of Madara. Madara was a favorite character of fans and was one of the most memorable villains of anime. Madara was, at least in his appearance, the last threat that the team had to confront, as well as the antagonist who dealt Naruto along with Naruto and Allied Forces the hardest time. The shock came that the character who had been hyped for so long, suddenly fell to the Black Zetsu, and then was taken over by Kaguya. The truth is, this plot twist helped the show tremendously and Kaguya was among the greatest decisions of the anime.

Zetsu's Plan Was Foreshadowed Long Ago

Contrary to what many believe, Kaguya's appearance and Zetsu's slaying of Madara was not a surprise or appear suddenly It was cleverly prefigured in the prior chapters of the book. This is the most obvious example. It occurred after the battle in chapter #626, which was fought between Madara Hashirama and Madara Hashirama in chapter 626 where Hashirama was able to sense someone or some other entity - watching the fighting, and was later proven as being Zetsu. The incident revealed that Kaguya's son was planning something for a long time and was employing Madara in order to bring his plans come to fruition.

The first foreshadowing of Kaguya was in his clan, the Kaguya Clan in the pre-time skip Naruto. Apart from sharing the same name as their ancestral ancestor and clan members, those of the clan had similar facial characteristics to Kaguya and had similar talents. Kimimaro's Kekkei Genkai, for example is the capacity to alter the bones of the body. This was one of the many talents Kaguya was able to use after she had appeared in public.

Another way to see Kaguya being discussed is when it comes to the Gedo Statue. In order to form the Ten-Tails the Gedo Statue has to absorb the chakras of all Tailed Beasts. Hagoromo and Homura secured the Gedo Statue to the sky, transforming into the moon. Madara let loose the Gedo Statue when she woke up his Rinnegan and announcing that Kaguya will eventually be revealed. That's why Black Zetsu became so enthralled in Madara because he believed he could have the chance to liberate Kaguya from her sleeping slumber in the same manner as that he released the Gedo Statue.

The Mysterious Alien Clan Was Seen In Action For The First Time

In Naruto Shippuden, there were no hints to the Otsutsuki which was almost all of the time they were discussed was in relation to their role as the Sage Of Six Paths. It was difficult to find out anything about the alien clan or the people they actually were. Though some facts were disclosed in the episode where Naruto and Sasuke were introduced to the Sage of the Six Paths and the history of the Shinobi universe was revealed to the public, it was nothing special, since the emphasis was mostly focused on Indra as well as Ashura. The focus changed once Kaguya was revealed as the last "big bad" in the show as well as the strength of Kaguya's Otsutsuki was shown as the only time.

The show was a precursor to the upcoming Boruto: Naruto the Movie as well as The Boruto Movie and Naruto The Next Generations. The story revolves around Otsutsuki clan's members as well as their nefarious activities, among different activities. Boruto could not exist had Masashi Kishimoto didn't take the bold step of removing Madara and substituting him for Kaguya. It was an important game changer since the story went through a smooth transition between antagonists, without creating an unimaginative new character who did not have a prior appearance in the show.

Dimension Travel Was Normalized With Kaguya

In the entire series, battles are always taking place within the Shinobi dimension and the only instance when there wasn't was in the battle among Obito with Kakashi within the Kamui Dimension. One thing that made the battle among Kaguya as well as Team 7 challenging was the continuous travel between the two worlds. From an ice-cold, cold world to a world of lava, Kaguya reigned over the all terrains. Introduced brand new worlds and dimensions was one of the most thrilling expansions of the series. The story carried on into Boruto as well, which included Boruto having the ability to move through different dimensions by using his Jougan as well as Naruto becoming locked into Daikokuten.

Sakura, Kakashi, & Obito Had Their Time To Shine Against Kaguya

Kishimoto was apathetic about Sakura's abilities throughout the first series. Naruto as well as Sasuke advanced way far too quickly for her to maintain pace in terms of power-scaling, and she was not paying attention to the irritable third character. The only thing she experienced was when she achieved the healing power of 100 Mark However, her fame was short lived because she was unable to compete with Ten Tails Madara and Obito. The appearance of Kaguya, Naruto, and Sasuke's power wasn't enough for her to stand up against Shinobi the god of the sword, and Sakura, Kakashi, and Obtio needed to step up to assist the trio.

Kakashi unleashed his entire Mangekyo Sharingan using the aid of Obito as well as Sakura ensured that Kaguya was not able to escape even as Naruto and Sasuke prepared to shackle Kaguya's escape. Their role in the fight is crucial. It's no stretch to claim that the war was lost had Team 7 hadn't united with Obito to defeat Kaguya. In addition, the appearance of Kaguya resulted in some of the most stunning conclusion of characters in the anime as well as one of the series' most recognizable moment in the series in the series, which was Obito leaving and encouraging Naruto to be the Hokage.

A New Level Of Power Was Introduced

In their fight with Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke needed to go beyond their capabilities in order to defeat Kaguya. Rabbit Goddess, and this added power accelerated their final duel. Their long-awaited return to The Valley Of Death was intensified after they beat Kaguya and fought to win one of the greatest fights in the history of the Naruto series. Naturally the new standard of strength lasted through Boruto, and the fact that Naruto's son beat him was in part due to Kaguya to force Naruto to strengthen himself.

Madara was a dazzling antagonist who enthralled fans by his power and tale, which is why it was disappointing that he played through the way that he did. In reality, Kaguya was a greater antagonist over the course of timeand was able to help advance the story, while The Ghost Of The Uchiha would've pretty much ended the entire series. Even though Kaguya isn't the same antagonist like Madara however, she had more of a purpose for the story and enabled those who love The Narutofranchise to continue enjoying the show through its second installment, Boruto.

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